Nick Athens DC
Sponsored by Level Sleep

How Chiropractic is Good for Brain Health

Learn how to take your practice to another level through adjusting your chiropractic mindset. Learn about your brain health and your body performance and how this affects your chiropractic patients. Dr. Athens has been a chiropractor for the SF 49ers football and SF Giants baseball teams. His motto is to always give the patient the best care and service, along with teaching them ways to improve their level of health care.


Michelle Binkowski DC, CMUA


Is your body really sick or does it just think it is? This course will survey the benefits of psychoneuroimmunology and the responses in our body based on brain activity, perceptions, thoughts, and the pathways that occur in reverse. Discover why some patients respond to care and others don’t. Look at the psychological implications on the neurological system and the immune system and how they communicate back and forth.


Jeff Blanchard DC, Golf Professional

Barriers to Golf Performance

Every doctor has patients who play golf. Every golfer wants to play better. This course offers important information on the management, fitness and conditioning protocols of “well” patients seeking improved performance on the golf course. Dr. Blanchard has combined his unique practitioner expertise (30 years in private practice) with his actual play experience as a competitive golf professional (career low round of 62) to offer doctors a more complete understanding of taking care of patients who play golf.


Monika Buerger BA, DC

Movement, Methylation and the Mind

One in five children in the United States are said to have a mental illness and one in six are said to have a neurodevelopmental disorder. In this captivating and inspiring lecture, Dr. Buerger will discuss the importance that movement and milestones early in life have on neurodevelopment and the sensory-motor systems. Poor sensory-motor function is associated with such disorders as ADD/HD, autism, anxiety, learning disorders, mood regulation, and sleep, as well as other mental and physical disorders.


Steven Capobianco DC
Sponsored by RockTape

Myofascial Cupping

This class introduces the concept of skin/fascial decompression to help improve tissue mobility, improve movement and modulate pain with the use of myofascial cups. The anatomy, physiology and neurology of the effects of myofascial cupping on connective tissue gliding, tissue traction and tissue decompression will be covered. Interventions with myofascial cupping will be reviewed based on the literature and integrated into current rehabilitative concepts.


Michael Carberry DC
Sponsored by Advanced Medical Integration

The DC in Multi-Disciplinary Practice and Inter-professional Collaboration: Establishing Medical Necessity in an Integrated Model

This three-hour course covers an overview of multi-disciplinary compliance issues in various types of multi-discipline practices, the common reasons why various providers may choose to work together and basic regulations to consider. The course also covers common services available in such a practice as well as the Chiropractor’s role in the clinic.


Robert Chatfield DC
Sponsored by Sole Supports

Foot Posture Biomechanics – MASS Posture Theory

A new approach to Biomechanics and Orthotics -MASS Posture Theory is unique: it looks at managing foot biomechanics from an engineering perspective. Offering the first credible challenge to the standard, industry techniques originated by Root, Orien and Weed in 1977. MASS (Maximum Arch Supination Stabilization) Posture emphasizes the importance of actually changing the functional posture of the foot in the over-pronator, enabling the healthy levels of supination required for non-pathological gait.


Richard Cheung DC

Warrior One to Down Dog

During these sessions we will work through yoga poses as corrective exercises to remedy certain musculoskeletal conditions. A different and simple approach to enhance your private practice. This workshop will be hands on. Namaste!

*Friday and Saturday morning


S. Kent Choi DC

Billing & Coding in Personal Injury

What you need to know about Personal Injury (PI) coding and billing to ensure that your properly managed PI bill gets paid. Looking at PI through the eyes of a doctor who has been winning the PI battle for the last seven years.


Michael Coates Esq, President
Sponsored by Medical Lien Recovery

Winning the PI Medical Lien Game

How to get far better results taking on PI patients on a lien basis, and how to turn the process into a win-win-win for the attorney, your patient, and you. You will also learn the most common and often missed abuses committed and and how these can be spotted quickly and then addressed effectively.


Neil Cohen DC, Executive Vice President, Sherman College of Chiropractic
Sponsored by Sherman College of Chiropractic

Principles of Chiropractic Applied in Practice

Doctors will gain a fresh perspective and overall review of foundational chiropractic principles provided historically to establish sure-footedness in the early days of the profession. Moreover, the knowledge gained by the course outline will empower doctors to employ more effective communication techniques to achieve improved, longer lasting patient outcomes.


Tracy Cole DC

Medicare Update

Navigating the confusing jungle of Medicare rules, regulations, and proper billing procedures can be a struggle that even the most well prepared offices find overwhelming. Join CalChiro Past President and current CalChiro Noridian representative, Dr. Tracy Cole DC, for an extensive lecture on proper documentation, rules, regulations, and billing procedures. Come prepared with questions and billing examples if you wish to have your problem cases answered.


Adam Del Torto DC
Sponsored by Cranial Facial Release

Cranial Facial Release (CFR) 

This one-hour course on CFR is an advanced endonasal “Balloon Assisted” cranial adjusting technique that has produced amazing results for things like breathing disorders, sinusitis, migraine headaches, vertigo, facial pain, facial paralysis, post concussion syndrome, post stroke, chronic neurological disorders, and more! By mobilizing the cranial system and optimizing brain function, CFR often works for last resort patients when other forms of conventional treatment have failed.


Billy DeMoss DC

Walk The Talk – Chiropractic Congruency For Greater Chiropractic Success

Come join nationally known speaker Dr. DeMoss as he reviews Chiropractic ADIO Principles and Vitalistic Philosophy. This will include discussion of the 3 T’s: toxins, trauma and thots and solutions along with germ theory and the cause of dis-ease. He will cover the 8 Pillars of Healthy Chiropractic Lifestyle: chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, thoughts, grounding, detox and using plant based derivatives for health; and solutions to live a vibrant life.


Leonard Faye DC

A Rational Chiropractic Model​

Dr. Faye has been a long time advocate of the paradigm shift, from a static, alignment model of Subluxation, to a functional model of the spine being within a closed kinematic chain that stretches from the large toe to the occiput. This presentation will go through the historical development of his original Subluxation Complex, diagnostic indicators and treatment plans to address when and why short or long-term care is needed. This is a healthcare model and not just a pain relief approach.


Tim Gay DC

Questions & Answers for Starting a New Practice

Interested in becoming an Associate or an Independent Contractor? Then Dr. Timothy Gay’s class is a must attend! He will provide the ins and outs of leasing space, financing a practice, and how to develop your community marketing to build your practice clientele. Dr. Gay is a seasoned doctor of Chiropractic health and wellness, founder of Ultimate Practice, author, and an international speaker.


Chuck Gibson DC

The Scientific Bases for Chiropractic Philosophy

Long-time member and chiropractic legend in California, Dr. Gibson will present the scientific bases on the philosophy of chiropractic covering chiropractic statistics, neuroanatomy of the subluxation, and then the chiropractic results. You will want to know!