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Advancements in Personal Injury Practice: 2020

Module III | Advanced Personal Injury Specialty Evaluations and Diagnostics

A. Overview of How a Chiropractor Should Manage a Personal Injury Case (1 Hour) Speaker: Wayne Whalen DC

B. Medical Practice Guidelines (1 Hour) Speaker: Wayne Whalen DC

C. The Role of Imaging in the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (2 Hours) Speaker: Sana Khan MD

D. Interventional Pain Management (1 Hour) Speaker: Khuram Sial MD


Legislative Day 2020

We’ve been hearing from many members, eager to join the long list of chiropractic advocates who congregate in Sacramento each year for one important purpose – to advance the chiropractic profession, patient care and quality of life for Californians.

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